About me


Born & Raised in Israel

Growing up, I was into everything but school. I liked the outdoors, sports, and friends. Because I grew up in a green neighborhood with a lot of open space, I loved going out and creating my own story for the world I lived in.

Army Service

Coming from a family of Holocaust survivors, as well as growing up in a Zionist household, I was very motivated to join the army. My goal was to get into the best unit possible, so I prepared by training myself both physically and mentally for a year and a half prior to service.

I was accepted into the Israeli K9 Special Forces unit, “Oketz”, where I served for three years. Those three years were full of adventures, and they shaped me in ways that nothing else could.

Worldwide Travel

After my army service, I needed to break free. I found a high-paying job as an undercover airport security guard, saving my money for one cause: to travel abroad and experience the world I knew only from television and books.

Sitting on top of a mountain at 6,088 meters above sea level, I knew exactly what I wanted. I had known it all along, but this was the moment I decided I needed to do something about it. My passion is directing, both movies and commercials.

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